Origin Story

We are a company of creative conspirators who abet you in expressing yourself, more dearly, more casually, sometimes more fiercely to your incoherent world. We ensure that this sorry world knows (or perhaps not) what hit them, in kind!

And we do this a tad bit differently than others: we don't compromise on the expression, and we don’t shy away from using expletives when we have to. The designs we produce are what you would feel belong to your culture of thinking and philosophy: be it weird, cocky, suggestive or explicitly fun – you crave, haah, we already gave.

Our products have awesome levels of madness and intellectuality that reflect your stories that are felt by you and created by us. Products made possible by connecting to you at root level, by exposing ourselves to and collaborating work with local & international outfits/artists, so we make only what smells of genuine thoughts and ideas, only more creative, only more unique..

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